exhibition. Open Heart

Open Heart. 4-16/04/2013. Kordegarda, Warsaw

Exhibition presents unpublished photographs which demonstrating a cardiac surgery performed on a six month old boy with a congenital heart disease – the atrioventricular canal.

The operation took place in the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Department of the Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw. It was performed by a team of doctors led by prof. Piotr Burczyński, Vice President of the Board of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Aid Foundation. The idea of this project is to draw attention towards Polish Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, its importance and significance in medicine and the life of  every human being. The exhibition demonstrates outstanding abilities of a cardiac surgeon, his unique skills and tremendous talent. Reveals the mysticism of surgeon profession and his role in the fight to save a human life. Open heart surgery performed on a six month old boy proves the existence of doctors of “open hearts”, who poses outstanding abilities and predispositions. This exhibition is dedicated to the memory of professor Jarosław Stodulski, one of the founders of modern Pediatric Cardiac Surgery and the teacher of generations of cardiac surgeons in Poland.


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